Starting on Sunday, June 7th and continuing for several weeks, we will embark on a study titled “The Power of a Whisper”. During this study, we’ll explore the book of the same title written by Pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church in Chicago. We’ll also use a DVD to guide the discussion, led by Bill.

What incredible things does God have in store as we learn to listen to Him and heed His promptings?

Here’s a summary from the Willow Creek website.

The Power of a Whisper

Hearing God.
Having the guts to respond.

The Power of a Whisper will help you:

  • Discern the voice of God from others that vie for your attention.
  • Invite His input into your daily routine.
  • Allow Him to direct your life and make a difference in our world.
  • Summon the courage to follow God’s voice.