The Story – Summary

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During the first several months of 2012, our House Church went through the entire study called “The Story”. We began blogging early in the series and got so caught up in the process that we didn’t┬ákeep up the blogging. Over the 30+ weeks of the study of The Story, the group grew closer together and learned some new things about the Bible and God’s love for us. We used the adult curriculum to help us move through the...

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The Story – Week 2: Nation

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God Builds a Nation God will accomplish His plan and will in this world, but He often does it in ways we would not expect and through surprising people. We opened our second session in prayer, again seeking God’s divine wisdom and direction as we learn things about His incredible story that we don’t already know or understand. Ever heard someone utter the phrase “The Lord works in mysterious ways”? Almost surely you...

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The Story – Week 1: Creation

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The Beginning of Life as We Know It We opened our session in prayer, asking God to help us learn what He wants us to learn and to know when we are not on the right track with His Word. As we begin the process of learning the Bible in a whole new way through the next 31 weeks, The Story opens on the very creation of our world. Chapter 1 of The Story is God’s way of introducing us to the very basics of life and the foundation of the earth....

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